R.E.A.L. PRIME SEAFOODS SUPPLY is committed to export Tuna from Philippine Sea to European Union
Countries and around the world.

R.E.A.L. PRIME SEAFOODS SUPPLY is a toll packer under an EU accredited processing plant having a
state of the art production facility which complies with HACCP and EU standard.
Quality of our Products have never been compromised and always assured to the fullest satisfaction of customers.

R.E.A.L. PRIME SEAFOODS SUPPLY has various suppliers of raw materials of fresh fish from different
fishing grounds within our permitted fishing zones.

In recent years Philippines has been tagged as the tuna capital of the world for it was known to
produce PREMIUM GRADE TUNA whole year round. Steadily increasing its share in the international market with premier
quality products. The company is committed for producing and delivering the highest quality tuna products that are
caught by the traditional methods and new technologies.

At R.E.A.L. PRIME SEAFOODS SUPPLY, from the initial stage, tuna is put through many HACCP health and
hygienic procedures in keeping with international standard. Sashimi quality YELLOW FIN TUNA WHOLE H&G, TUNA LOINS,
TUNA CENTERCUT, TUNA CHUNK are marketed in the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland Spain and the
Netherlands. Tuna exports are currently targeted at three main market areas – the European Union, Japan and United Arab Emirates.